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PhD Qualifying Exam Question 1

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Note: A draft of my questions for my PhD qualifying exam is due 09/24/10 for feedback from my Dissertation Seminar professor and peers. I will then submit them to my dissertation chair  for more critique before submitting my final questions10/01/10 . I’ll be writing answers to these questions 10/15/10 – 10/18/10. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome as I continue to polish, rewrite, panic… Well, you get the point. Please feel free to comment.

Question 1: Situating your work in English Studies

The term “new media” is contested in the field with definitions generally based either in a concept of multimodality (such as Ball and Wysocki) or centered on a particular technology (such as Manovich and Bolter and Grusin). Compare these scholars’ definitions of new media and discuss the implications of these divergent positions for English Studies. [revised 09/27/10]