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Given my interest in new media composition, I have attempted to create non-traditional, non-print scholarship often during my journey as doctoral student. I have included several examples here. They are not perfect. Some are quite simplistic. Often, course-imposed time constraints meant I had less time than I would have hoped to polish or more fully develop this work. I plan to return to some of these projects and get them ready for submission to peer-reviewed online journals (You know, in all my spare time). But enough with the disclaimers…

ENGL 801: Texts & Technologies | You(Tube)iquity: The appropriation of online video & the need for multimodal literacies | Fall 2007

ENGL 805: Rhetoric, Discourse & Culture | The culture clash: When “new media” meets the print bias in academia, graduate students are the key | Spring 2009

ENGL 806: Visual Rhetoric | Visual argument [Warning: Explicit language] | Summer 2007

ENGL 840: Empirical Research Methods & Design | Is a pixel worth a thousand words? Exploring reasons graduate students opt for traditional print over new media composition options | Spring 2008

ENGL 866: New Media Theory & Practice I | Various projects | Spring 2008

ENGL 871: New Media Theory & Practice II | Exploring comics: A deeper look at Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics | Spring 2010

ENGL 894: Seminar in New Media | Defining new media [prezi] | Summer 2009

  • This project also is available as a narrated video. (Note that some of the text may be small and harder to read in this format.)

ENGL 895: Tracing Digital Culture | Moderation or presentation: Using Twitter backchannel and Actor-Network Theory for more effective conference engagement [prezi] | Summer 2009