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Prezis Revisited

Got an exceptionally kind compliment from an academic colleague regarding some Prezi presentations I’ve designed. It was followed by a request for a link. I realized I didn’t have them in one place. So, here are three (2 from academic conferences, 1 for a work conference). In the interest of full disclosure, I came up with the design and compiled the presentation for this work Prezi but one of the artists on my staff created the graphics (Thanks, John! Yay, collaboration!).

In any case, here are the links:

Moderation/Presentation (CW2010) [Computers & Writing 2010 Presentation on use of Twitter backchannel]

Tweetagogy (ATTW2010) [ATTW 2010 Presentation | Tweetagogy: Building Community in 140 characters or less]

EVMS: Getting Out of the Box (AAMC-GIA) [work-related conference presentation]

Disclaimer: These are in no way perfect. Plenty of things I’d change in each, but I find a purposefully designed Prezi can be fun and rhetorically useful.

Enjoy! Feedback & questions are always welcome!


3 Responses to “Prezis Revisited”

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