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PhD Qualifying Exam Question 2

Note: A draft of my questions for my PhD qualifying exam is due 09/24/10 for feedback from my Dissertation Seminar professor and peers. I will then submit them to my dissertation chair  for more critique before submitting my final questions10/01/10 . I’ll be writing answers to these questions 10/15/10 – 10/18/10. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome as I continue to polish, rewrite, panic… Well, you get the point. Please feel free to comment.

Question 2: Area of Specialization (Online Community)

Kling and Courtright (2003) observe that “many uses of the term community are, in fact, aspirational rather than empirically grounded.” As a result, it is important to note that we do not know how often community actually develops in classrooms and that assumptions that community exists in many or even most classrooms may be incorrect (Cook, 1995). While it is possible to maintain community online, it should not be taken for granted (Haythornthwaite et al, 2000). Explore the concept of online classroom community discussing how its presence can be confirmed or disconfirmed and offering strategies and a rationale for fostering it. [revised 09/27/10]


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