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Moderation or Presentation? Using Twitter Backchannel for More Effective Conference Presentations

CW 2010 Presentation (West Lafayette, IN) | May 22, 2010 • 10:15-11:30 a.m. | Panel F6


Old Dominion University


Ubiquitous Wi-Fi access via portable computers and mobile devices has given rise to Twitter conference revolts. One casualty: the “sage on the stage” presentation model. C&W 2009 digital backchannel participants witnessed this during the #cw09happening. Analyzing this keynote address via Actor-Network Theory reveals critical considerations for better engaging audience members.


3 Responses to “Moderation or Presentation? Using Twitter Backchannel for More Effective Conference Presentations”

  1. […] ODU colleague and Prezi master, Vincent Rhodes demonstrates his ability to trace comments in a Twitter stream during a conference presentation with unexpected results (Rhodes, 2010). Rhodes’ discussion and analysis of this event this event can be found in his presentation here. […]

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